ZW Foundation was established in 2018 and its main roles are collecting art, looking after a vast range of specimens from various segments of natural history, and providing access to public online library. The core of the collection are the resources contributed by the founder. The foundation will be a place for exchanging scientific ideas and creative thoughts. Works from the collection will be available to see at temporary exhibitions both in the headquarters of the foundation and, in the near future, in the online archive. The works and exhibitions will be used for research, education and for developing awareness and sensitivity.

One of the main goals of the foundation is to protect and conduct research on the artistic heritage of the Polish artist Natalia LL. The extensive archive, consisting of artist's works, manuscripts, prints, objects, or rare and vintage publications will enable a research on

a higher, scientific level. Alongside the Archive of Natalia LL the foundation will focus on the protection, research and promotion of its art collection, as well as initiating and supporting all activities for the development and promotion of culture, art and natural heritage.

The Foundation will consist of three libraries: The Library of Art, The Library of Biodiversity and The Library of Special Collection, which is collecting old prints, manuscripts and other important as well as scientifically valuable objects.

ZW Foundation

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