Vietnam manufactory 


Ming dynasty

ca. 1450 – 1500




height: 11 cm


In the first half of the 90s XX Century fishing crews working off the coast of the Hoi An in Vietnam began to find ceramics drawn from water. Art dealers who found out about it started buying objects. Soon illegal proceedings were stopped but the objects illegally went to London or Tokyo. A private company came forward to extract the wreck and carry out the excavation, which reserved the possibility of selling some of the objects. In 1997 a license for excavations was granted. Extruded ceramics in excess of 200 000 pieces are mainly objects with white and blue decorations dated to the XV and the beginning of the XVI Century. Although the auction of some of the objects organized in 2000 was not very popular some of the objects were purchased by the museums.


The vase which is in the ZW Foundation's collection is small size - 11 cm height. Originally it was covered with a green enamel washed away by water. On the surface of the vessel are remains of a relief decoration in the form of a line. The fragment of the stroke has not been preserved.


The object is stored in the condition it was taken from the wreck and cleaned.

Purchased in 2016.




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