EXHIBITION: Jerzy Brzuskiewicz | BOXer. Frames of reference

30.08-6.10.2019 in the Centre for Contemporary Art Znaki Czasu in Toruń

Curator: Mateusz Kozieradzki
Coordinator: Paulina Kuhn
Production of the exhibition: Wojciech Ruminski


The exhibition of Jerzy Brzuskiewicz, an artist born in 1946 in Lingen, Germany, and for almost his entire life connected with Toruń, will be a review of the artist's most important achievements. The exhibition will present a selection of over 300 works - drawings, paintings, installations, objects, photographs from about 50 years of the artist's activity. The oldest works are paintings created under the influence of Paul Cezanne or Indian miniatures, as well as early drawings. They will be juxtaposed with works of conceptual or neo-dadaist character from a later period. The whole will be complemented with works from the Black Box series - these are works that have been created for several decades in the form of black boxes, in which the artist places collages made of various elements, from shells, stones or small objects found on the street to fragments of his old works or other visually interesting elements, where the whole is often supplemented with drawing. These works are an attempt to create a new value and to build a narration from seemingly unrelated elements.


The exhibition is an attempt to organize and recreate forgotten aspects of the artist's work. An additional element is the reconstruction of a fragment of Brzuskiewicz's studio in the exhibition space. There are also videos with interviews with the artist, and the exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue.

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