Raisonné catalog of Natalia LL's works

Ladies and Gentlemen, Museums, Galleries, 


ZW Foundation from the beginning of its existence gathers, enlarges and provides care over the Archive of Natalia LL. We want the artist's output to be thoroughly known and subjected to newer interpretations. To enable and facilitate scientists even better and easier, we started to work on Natalia LL’s raisonné catalog. We decided to spread the main part of the project for 2019-2021. The whole project will be summarized in a multi-volume catalog.


If you are the owner of Natalia LL's work, we kindly ask you to contact us by email: foundationzw@gmail.com


We provide full anonymity to all of those who will provide us with details of the work. 


Thank you for all the information and we look forward to hearing from you soon, 


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