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One of the main goals of the foundation is to protect and conduct research on the artistic heritage of the Polish artist Natalia LL. The extensive archive, consisting of artist's works, manuscripts, prints, objects, or rare and vintage publications will enable a research on a higher, scientific level. Alongside the Archive of Natalia LL the foundation will focus on the protection, research and promotion of its art collection, as well as initiating and supporting all activities for the development and promotion of culture, art and natural heritage.


The core of the collection are the resources provided by the founder. It is mainly a high-ranking collection of European (e.g. German Manufactory in Meissen) and Asian ceramics and porcelain from the 18th Century to the present day, a collection of photographs, paintings and sculptures. The collection of the ZW Foundation is still being expanded by new gifts and purchases.






Natalia LL (Natalia Lach-Lachowicz) is a Polish intermedia artist, conceptualist. In her work she deals with photography, performance, experimental film, video, installation, sculpture and painting. Her works fit into the currents of conceptualism, body art, feminist art.


In order to create and provide the best possible area for research on the artist, the Archive of Natalia LL was established in the premises of the foundation. Materials are archived according to the artist's work as well as the areas closely related to her. Currently, the collection has several thousand inventory numbers. However, the archive is in the continuous process of being enlarged and developed. As a resource, it will serve as an open-ended collection. 


An important part of the foundation's work is the publishing activity. The texts of the institution's employees have also been included in many prestigious publications on the broadly understood science and art.




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